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Master of face threading More than 20 years experience trust us No matter the reason why you desire to have your eyebrows threaded, we have the capable staff here at Leila’s brow Art , is Eyebrows to assist you. All the members of our staff are professionally trained in the art of threading, so you’ll never have to worry about them removing more hair from your eyebrows than you intended. Plus, they have all the skills necessarily to properly shape your brows into the shape and style that you desire. No matter how thick or thin you desire your brows to be, our expert staff of beauticians can assist you in achieving the appropriate look. Come down to our salon today, and any one of the friendly members of our staff will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have about our services.

About Us

What Are The Benefits Of Threading?

Threading is a simple, easy, gentle and most efficient means of facial hair removal.  The benefits of our eyebrow and facial threading service include:

· All natural- involves only the use of 100% cotton thread

· No chemicals, creams, waxes, or other toxins/allergens are used. 

·Very gentle on the skin- Great alternative for those with sensitive and/or thinned skin.

· Very precise- we only take out the hair needed to be taken out to give you the best looking arches.

· Long lasting- We are able to take out the tiniest hair (they don't have to be a certain lenth), resulting in a very clean finished, defined arch.

· Threading doesn't cause breakouts.

· If skin becomes red, redness lasts less than an hour.

· Makeup goes on smoother.

· Threading is generally less painful than waxing.

· Threading prevents wrinkles- no constant pulling of skin

·Healthier for the skin- Threading does not harm the skin, it only pulls the hair.

· Threading can be done in all facial areas including upper lip, chin, side burns, neck, etc.  

·Great for those with sensative or thinned skin

·Great alternative for those who use medicines like Retin-A or Accutane

Where Does Threading Originate?

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal (over 5000 years old) which originated in Persia but is continued in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China and many other countries.  It is popular with women in the Middle East and in the Persian culture where it is called Bande Abru ("Abru" means eyebrow, and "Band" is the thread). Threading the entire face is widely spread amongst Iranians, Pakistanis and Indians, but it was originally practiced when a woman was getting married or during special occasions. In ancient Persia, threading was a sign that a girl had reached adulthood and became a woman.  Since it is a natural and more precise form of hair removal, it is becoming more and more popular in the western world as an alternative to waxing and tweezing. Of Wack!  What Can I Do?

A bad brow job is worse than a bad hair day because the brows just can't be covered!  It is really important to choose an experinced threader who knows what they are doing and spends the time and effort on your brows.  A quick brow job is not necessarily a great brow job.  Also, if the wrong hair is pulled, often times the hair doesn't grow back, leaving you with thinned or uneven brows.  The quality depends upon the artist's experince and ability to recognize what looks good from person to person and to be able to shape them properly, being careful not to take too much out.  There is no book or written material that can tell you the right way to shape a persons brow because every person that walks through the door has a unique look that needs a particular shape that will be just right for them.   

For us, recognizing what will look best on a person and creating a great brow shape is a work of art and needs to be done properly. Leila's Brow Art, our highly experienced and qualified threader is very gentle when she threads.  She not only cleans and shapes the brows but takes the time to help to provide you with the best solution for your brows and overall look.  Whether your brows are thinned, at different levels, arched too low or too high, have no particular shape, uneven, have too wide of a gap in between brows, etc. she can really help guide you to create a beautiful look that is just right for you!

What Areas Can Be Threaded?

All facial areas including eyebrows, upper lip, chin, side burns, forehead, neck, etc.  Threading can also be done anywhere else on the body but may take a long time, therefore it is usually done on the facial areas.  Any hair remaining after waxing on the body are often threaded for a cleaner finish.

The time depends from person to person but it is generally recommended to have the hair rethreaded every 2-3 weeks.  Some people may have to come back earlier if their hair generally grows faster while others may take a few months before they need the areas rethreaded.

Does It Hurt?

Most people are amazed when they get threaded for the first time, especially after being waxed previously.  They find that it hurts much less than waxing and is easier to do but it has a lot to do with the skill of the artist.  We are very gentle when we thread and may use finger pressure or a cold/warm compress to help relieve discomfort if needed.  

How Do I Know What  Brow Shape Is Right For Me?

Our expert staff is skilled at proper brow shaping and will take a look at your brows and design a shape that is right for you.  We do not over-thread brows.  We only take out what's needed to give you the best shape.  Your final brow shape and arch depends upon your natural brow line.  It may be possible to arch further depending upon how much hair we have avaialbel to work with.  Be sure to talk with one of our estheticians to see what would look best for you. 

What Kind Of Thread Is Used And How Is It Sanitary?

We use 100% anti-bacterial cotton thread imported from India, Pakistan and England.  This is a very particular thread that is especially made for threading purposes.  The threading process is very sanitary because it is only the thread that touches the skin and it is thrown away after every use.  We adhere to very strict sanitary practices throughout our business to prevent any type of contaminations.

Does The Hair Grow Thicker Or Thinner After Being Threaded?

The hair normally grows the same or thinner after being threaded.  Some people also find that they have lesser hair than before.

Why Is Threading Better That Tweezing Or Waxing?

Threading is more efficient than tweezers because it pulls out a row of hair at a time instead of plucking them one by one.  Tweezers may also not be able to take out very tiny or fine hair which threading eliminates entirely.

Waxing is another popular procedure that threading surpasses in accuracy.  Waxing requires the hair to be a certain length before it can be grasped and pulled by the wax.  Threading does not require any length.  If it can be seen it can be taken out.  A person skilled in threading can give the brows a smooth and neat look, eliminating the tiniest pieces of hair. Threading is also very precise so when done properly, only the hair that needs to be removed is pulled.  Because this is such a gentle technique, you can thread the same area multiple times whereas waxing is done only once per area to avoid any reactions.

When the eyebrows are waxed a layer of skin is pulled up with the wax. This can be painful and bad for the health of the skin around your eyes.  Waxing may also break the skin since the hair is pulled against the direction of the hair growth.  Threading does not disturb the skin at all and can be done just as quickly as waxing. Because the finest of the hair are taken out, threaded hair will generally take a longer time to come out again than waxed or plucked hair.  

Eyebrow threading also reduces the irritation often accompanied with other procedures and prevents allergic reactions that may be caused from the ingredients in waxing.  Excessive tugging and pulling by tweezers can lead to an earlier onset of wrinkles. Some people will experience some irritation and redness but these discomforts disappear quickly compared to waxing and tweezing.   As the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatized, thus being gentler on the skin, threading is an alternative for those with sensitive skin or who use Retin-A, ¬¬Accutane, and similar products.

For women who would like to pursue a more natural beauty regimen, hair threading is a good choice since it does not use creams, waxes, chemicals, or other harmful products.



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